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Penguin Cafe Orchestra

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Penguin Café Orchestra: an English Art Ensemble of Chicago

Profile and Interview by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 16 October 1976

ONE OF the constant pleasures of hearing new music for the first time is the range of emotions it can evoke: surprise, euphoria, disgust, enlightenment, ...

Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Penguin Served Here

Profile and Interview by Jon Young, Creem, July 1985

NEW YORK — To partake of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, you first need to find the Penguin Cafe. Cross the barren tundra of Eno's ambient ...

Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Catalogue Reissues

Review by David Stubbs, The Quietus, 22 July 2008

PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA, a large, shifting coalition of classical and acoustic musicians led by the late Simon Jeffes, are often regarded with either confusion or ...


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