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Peace interview: Are they the saviours of indie?

Interview by Ian Gittins, Virgin Media Music, 19 March 2013

Is indie rock poised for a comeback? For two years or so now, the charts have been dominated by tinny, Autotune-heavy rave-pop and sensitive acoustic ...

Tiny, Smug and Blissfully Ignorant Minds: New British Indie and Peace's In Love (Columbia)

Special Feature by Neil Kulkarni,, 30 April 2013

"I. Man's perceptions are not bound by organs of perception; he perceives more than sense (tho' ever so acute) can discover." — William Blake, ...

Peace: Brixton Academy, London SW9

Live Review by Lisa Verrico, The Times, 13 October 2015

ARE PEACE more than a Britpop pastiche? The answer probably depends on your age. ...


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