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At Monterey Fairgounds: 1st Pop Music Festival Draws Large Crowds

Report by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 19 June 1967

MONTEREY — Thirty thousand people swelled the city of Monterey over the weekend for the first International Festival of Pop Music, held in the outdoor ...

Problems in Canada

Report by Larry LeBlanc, Hit Parader, February 1968

CANADA'S POP music industry is still in the planning stages, in comparison with the U.S. recording market. It is small and disorganized. When 'Shakin' All ...

Skip Prokop: Lighthouse co-founder made rock history

Obituary by Nicholas Jennings, The Globe and Mail, 8 September 2017

SKIP PROKOP was one of Canada's first major rock stars, a world-class drummer and talented songwriter who co-founded the groundbreaking jazz-rock band Lighthouse, which earned ...


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