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Pat Metheny (2011)

Interview by Hank Bordowitz, Rock's Backpages, November 2011

Ensconsed in his Brooklyn rehearsal space, the master guitarist demonstrates his 19th Century-meets-21st Century one-man-band Orchestrion, along the way discussing issues such as performing for children, soundproofing his apartment, and the difficulties in negotiating Canadian border posts.

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Marlena Shaw: The City, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 20 May 1977

A singer with everything ...

Pat Metheny: 80/81 (ECM)

Review by Richard C. Walls, Creem, March 1981

THE CONTROVERSY thus far: Pretty is the word you want to use when you talk about Pat Metheny — from his guitar styling to his ...

Pat Metheny Shrugs Off Success

Interview by Laura Fissinger, Rolling Stone, 17 September 1981

NEW YORK CITY — In his salad days as a (barely) postadolescent college instructor, Pat Metheny should have been teaching Healthy Attitudes 101 in addition ...

Pat Metheny Group: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 4 May 1985

A touch of class ...

Manfred Eicher: Elegant, Crystalline, Mysterious or Enervated, Chilly, Morose?

Interview by Richard Cook, The Wire, January 1988

In this rare interview, Europe's leading label boss explains exactly what ECM stands for. ...

Pat Metheny Keeps the Story Going

Interview by Mac Randall, Musician, February 1998

A Master of Improv Stresses the Importance of Narrative ...

Pat Metheny Trio: Live

Review by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, April 2001

THE GUITAR is arguably the most eclectic and democratic of instruments. Some form of it appears in nearly every society. Anyone can learn to play ...

Pat Metheny endures, creating his own musical challenges

Report and Interview by Fred Shuster, Los Angeles Daily News, 21 February 2008

WHEN JAZZ PIANIST Herbie Hancock recently won the Grammy Award for album of the year for a set of reimagined Joni Mitchell songs, musicians and ...

Manfred Eicher: The Sound Man

Profile and Interview by Richard Williams, The Guardian, 17 July 2010

Admired by Radiohead, friend of Godard, Manfred Eicher is the founder of ECM, one of the most successful jazz labels in the world. He tells ...

When Goldie Met Metheny

Interview by Kate Mossman, The Word, August 2011

Obsessed drum'n'bass muscle writes daily letters to jazz wizard (and to Beethoven and Elgar). Eventually he posts one. Word arranges a summit ...


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