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Offspring: Go Ahead, Skate Punk…

Interview by Neil Perry, Vox, December 1994

A post-Grunge street revolution or just a flash in the pan? Either way, Offspring are the kids' choice... ...

Offspring: Revenge Of The Nerds

Interview by Chuck Eddy, Spin, March 1995

The Offspring put the pop back in punk and fashioned the indie success story of the decade. Chuck Eddy testifies. ...

Offspring: Ixnay On The Hombre

Review by Chuck Eddy, Rolling Stone, 10 January 1997

IN PURE IQ-test terms – singer Dexter Holland is just inches away from his microbiology Ph.D., for Christ's sake – the Offspring might rank as ...

The Offspring: Ixnay on the Hombre (Columbia)

Review by RJ Smith, Spin, February 1997

OF COURSE The Offspring hail from Orange County. They have to be from Orange County. Frontman Dexter Holland was a high school punk rocker who ...

The Offspring: Spawn To Be Wild

Interview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 1 February 1997

• Californian punk rockers THE OFFSPRING are hated by the American 'underground'. Why? Well, they love 70s disco, one of them is saving for his ...

The Offspring: Ixnay on the Hombre (Columbia) ***½

Review by Chuck Eddy, Rolling Stone, 6 February 1997

Primitive radio gods? ...

The Offspring: The Yob Rules

Interview by Paul Elliott, Kerrang!, 2 August 1997

Punks in the '90s are supposed to be straight-edge, ultra-PC and humour-free. Evidently, no one told THE OFFSPRING'S meat-eating, beer-drinking, scary chick-loving top geezer, Dexter ...

The Offspring

Interview by Ian Fortnam, Kerrang!, January 1999

THE UTILITARIAN confines of the cavernous Manchester Apollo are abuzz with a veritable army of well-disciplined tour troopers. It's 3.30 on a particularly inhospitable Mancunian ...

California Über Alles: US '90s Punk part1

Retrospective and Interview by Ian Fortnam, Kerrang!, 30 January 1999

In 1994, GREEN DAY and THE OFFSPRING released two albums which changed the face of American music. From Dookie and Smash to 'Pretty Fly (For ...

California Über Alles: US '90s Punk part 2

Retrospective and Interview by Ian Fortnam, Kerrang!, 6 February 1999

After the huge success of GREEN DAY, THE OFFSPRING and RANCID came the inevitable wave of copy-cat bands and the backlash. Here, US punk's movers ...

The Offspring: Come Out & Spray

Report and Interview by Ben Myers, Kerrang!, 31 July 1999

July 1999, Orange County, California — THE OFFSPRING are about to play the two biggest gigs of their career in front of 14,000 rabid fans. ...

The violence. The drugs. The death. From Black Flag and Social Distortion to Bad Religion and The Offspring, this is the story of 20 years of LA punk.

Retrospective by Ian Winwood, Kerrang!, 19 January 2002

On the long, straight drive from Los Angeles airport, down a curving freeway, past oil wells and gas stations, diners and office supply stores, onto ...

Platinum pop-punks the Offspring: "We're outcasts among outcasts"

Retrospective and Interview by Stevie Chick, The Guardian, 14 April 2021

THEY SCORED A UK NO 1 single and the biggest-selling independent album ever. Thirty-seven years into their career, the California band ponder middle-aged sex — ...


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