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Shake Hands with Cody: North Mississippi Allstars

Interview by Josh Rinkoff, Rock's Backpages, 7 April 2001

Josh Rinkoff meets one o’ the Dickinson boys ...

The North Mississippi Allstars: Water Rats, London

Review and Interview by Josh Rinkoff, Rock's Backpages, 1 November 2001

SHAKE HANDS WITH SHORTY, the first album from Memphis band the North Mississippi Allstars, was possibly one of the best releases of last year. ...

North Mississippi All Stars: 51 Phantom (Tone-Cool)

Review by Andria Lisle, Living Blues, January 2002

EARLIER THIS YEAR, the North Mississippi All Stars received a nomination for a Grammy (Best Contemporary Blues Album), the LB Critics' Awards for Best Debut ...

John Medeski, The North Mississippi Allstars, Robert Randolph: The Word (ropeadope/Rykodisc)

Review by Martin Colyer, Rock's Backpages, February 2002

IF YOU DIG the pulsating sound of a fully revved-up Hammond B3, the headlong rush of a low-down bar-band playing the blues and the close-to-heaven ...

The North Mississippi Allstars: Irving Plaza, New York

Live Review by Kandia Crazy Horse, PopMatters, 22 March 2002

AT THIS POINT, going to witness the North Mississippi Allstars live in performance is somewhat akin to seeing god. Now a four-piece including guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist DuWayne ...

North Mississippi Allstars: Borderline, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 19 January 2004

THE NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS are the "best blues-rock band in the world", according to Barry, the Borderline's promoter, and he's probably right. The Allstars first ...

North Mississippi Allstars: The Real Deal

Interview by Bill Wasserzieher, Blues Revue, Spring 2005

EVEN GOOD BANDS play bad shows. Equipment malfunctions, guitars don't stay in tune, somebody has a cold or a hellacious hangover. Maybe the vibe is ...

North Mississippi Hill Country Blues

Overview by John Sinclair, Honest Tune, Spring 2005

WHEN YOU hear the word "blues" you're bound to think of Mississippi. The phrase "Mississippi blues" leads at once to thoughts of Clarksdale and Greenwood ...

North Mississippi Allstars: Still Hollerin' 10 Years On

Interview by Bill Wasserzieher, Blues Revue, June 2007

IT'S 4:15 A.M., the desert sky is as dark as a card shark's heart, and the North Mississippi Allstars are on their way to McCarran ...


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