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New Model Army: Great Hall, Bradford

Live Review by Susan Williams, New Musical Express, 6 August 1983

BRADFORD IS a city of dead mills, lousy poets, psychopaths and pigeons. There's a lot of shit about, including a thick morass of cotton wool-gobbed ...

Top of the Antipops: New Model Army

Profile by Barney Hoskyns, New Statesman, 1984

PUNK IS DEAD in letter but not in spirit. That is the message from a new school of groups who do not make videos and ...

New Model Army: Re-Make Re*Model

Interview by Jack Barron, Sounds, 16 June 1984

"IT'S STRANGE, pop music, isn't it? You've got men dressing up as women and women dressing up as men. Don't you think there's something sinister ...

New Model Army: Between the Wars

Interview by Jack Barron, Sounds, 27 April 1985

Are New Model Army really as ugly as they say? Jack Barron flutters his eyes and confesses. ...

New Model Army: Marquee, London

Review by Bruce Dessau, New Musical Express, 4 May 1985

FROM THE AUDIENCE (predominantly young, male, long-haired and rather ugly) to the band (older, male, longhaired and rather ugly) there is the kind of mutual ...

New Model Army: Happy Families

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 11 February 1989

On the eve of their British tour, and with 'Stupid Questions' their highest-ever chart entry, New Model Army take time out in Strasbourg to explain ...

Join The Professionals: New Model Army

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, May 1989

There are few more devoted disciples than the followers of New Model Army. For many it's a full-time job — hitchhiking to every concert, home ...

New Model Army: Henry Moore Gallery Forecourt, Leeds

Live Review by Dave Simpson, Melody Maker, 6 May 1989

THE PERFECT setting fora New Model Army open air bash: a drab, dull, grey, freezing cold afternoon in a rain-pelted northern town. The drizzle washes ...

New Model Army: Start The War

Profile and Interview by Steven P. Wheeler, Happening, January 1990

FORMED IN 1980, New Model Army, an English rock trio, has marched throughout Europe and America over the past nine years leaving legions of fans ...

New Model Army: Clogged Up In Geneva

Report and Interview by David Quantick, Vox, July 1991

Are New Model Army really stupid bastards? How often do they change their underwear? What do people say in hairdressers? Is everyone in Switzerland cuckoo? ...

Justin Sullivan's Army Of One

Interview by Steven R Rosen, Rock & Roll Globe, 6 August 2021

The West Yorkshire folk-punk great and New Model Army frontman emerges from the pandemic with a brilliant new solo album. ...


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