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Argent, Nazareth: Sundown, Mile End, London

Live Review by Andrew Tyler, Disc, 11 November 1972

SUPPOSE A Rock-n-Roll band gave a concert and no one came – a thought that might have flashed through Rod Argent's mind as he scanned ...

Strangely missing that barrow boy stagger: in Frankfurt with the Faces

Report and Interview by James Johnson, New Musical Express, 4 August 1973

IT'S EARLY Sunday evening and three large Mercedes limousines are skimming through the outskirts of Frankfurt in rather regal convoy. In one, Keith Moon reclines ...

Nazareth: So You Wanna Stay A Rock 'N' Roll Star?

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 18 August 1973

DAN McCAFFERTY has no pretensions. As he sits chain smoking in his manager's flat – a mere Rolls Royce-throw away from London's Hyde Park Corner ...

Nazareth: Razamanaz

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, September 1973

WHILE AMERICA continues to wallow in endless overblown funk, monotonous middle-of-the-rodomontade, and the unceasing soporifics of multitudinous mellow fellows and laid-back lasses, they've really been ...


Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 13 October 1973

"I'M TELLING ye mon, there was this bird in 'ere and she can't 'ave been more than fifteen mon, and she's telling me she's wearing ...

Nazareth: Loud 'n' Proud

Review by Greg Shaw, Rolling Stone, 9 May 1974

ON THEIR SECOND A&M album, this Scottish group with folk roots continue on their heavy electric course, guided by producer Roger Glover (of Deep Purple ...

Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth: Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 10 June 1974

Blue Oyster Cult in Heavy-Metal Offering ...

Nazareth: Close Enough For Rock & Roll

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, March 1976

Close Enough For Rock & Roll, due for release in the near future, is more of the same for Nazareth. That is to say, out ...

Pulling Into Nazareth

Retrospective by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, March 1976

IT'S ALMOST schizophrenic. On the one side there's Nazareth the loud, flashy, hard-rocking boogie band. That's more or less their reputation in England, where they've ...

Nazareth: Naz in Exile

Interview by Pete Makowski, Sounds, 13 November 1976

NAZARETH are pissed off!!! Well, they're not that pissed off. Only a bit. In fact they're probably just pissed... ...

Nazareth's Game Plan: Fight It Out Until It's Right

Interview by Wesley Strick, Circus, 14 February 1977

IN GERMANY, their rock-hard rendition of Joni Mitchell's 'This Flight Tonight' won an award for chart longevity. On their recent 13-date cross-Canadian tour, they played ...

Nazareth: Coliseum Rock

Report by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 1 September 1979

ROCK AND ROLL at this level can be a damn luxurious business, I reflected in the air-conditioned comfort of the Nazareth limo sashaying and bumping ...

'Skunk' Leads Nazareth To '80s

Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 20 January 1980

A RECORDING STUDIO can make strange bedfellows. Guitarist Jeff (Skunk) Baxter is best known for his work with the sophisticated rock of Steely Dan and, ...

John Dowie: Finborough Arms, London; Status Quo, Nazareth, Marillion, Gary Glitter: Milton Keynes Bowl

Live Review by Susan Williams, New Musical Express, 4 August 1984


The Nazareth Interview

Interview by Rahul Shrivastava,, 2004

I'M AT THE Newcastle Arena. The band are 40 minutes late. I was told to be there at 7.30. This is how I like it. ...


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