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Nada Surf: The Proximity Effect

Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 28 August 2000

SO, I'M STRANDED on a desert island. No, worse: I'm stranded in nothing town in AnyState, where a McDonald's, a WalMart, and a tired bar ...

Nada Surf: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 30 March 2006

OCCASIONALLY, an unknown band will be booked into a support slot months in advance, have a hit in the meantime and on the night find ...

The Sunshine Boys: Brooklyn's Nada Surf have bounced back with an album of upbeat pop

Profile and Interview by Tim Cooper, The Independent, 5 May 2008

THEIR LATEST ALBUM might be called Lucky but Nada Surf's 15-year career has been anything but. Even their name causes misconceptions: it's so redolent of ...


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