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Under-Age Culture Shock

Report and Interview by Sheryl Garratt, New Musical Express, 28 February 1981

These kids have just done their first tour. Their average age is 11... Report: SHERYL GARRATT ...

Culture Club, Musical Youth: Heaven, London

Live Review by Neil Tennant, Smash Hits, July 1982

THERE'S A nightclub in London called Heaven which is normally ruthlessly well run, organised for fun and good value. Tonight it's catering for a "rock" ...

Musical Youth: Youth Of Today (MCA)

Review by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, 20 November 1982

AND SO in the wake of a government that's introduced the repressive British nationality bill, caused Britian to become involved in her first war since ...

Musical Youth: The Youth of Today

Report and Interview by Neil Tennant, Smash Hits, 3 March 1983

No different from the Musical Youth of the day before. Neil Tennant meets five young professionals taking worldwide success in their stride. ...

I See London

Report by Betsy Sherman, Boston Rock, 30 March 1983

IF YOU'RE keen to witness a major cultural capital in hibernation, try being in London the week between Christmas and New Years. Just about everything ...

Musical Youth: Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Profile and Interview by Jim Green, Trouser Press, June 1983

IT'S A BITTERLY cold and gusty February day that finds me scampering through the remnants of New York's blizzard of '83 on my way to ...

Metallica: Taking the Mick

Interview by Steffan Chirazi, Kerrang!, 22 December 1990

He's very large, he's very hairy, he's got a massive... motorbike — and he's been soundman to some of the greatest acts in Metal. GBH, ...

Child Stars: We Blame The Parents!

Report by Martin Aston, Q, August 1994

Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington. Better still, burn that Opportunity Knocks application form. Today's child stars are tomorrow's drug addicts, depressives, ...

When British Reggae Was King

Retrospective and Interview by David Burke, Classic Pop, June 2019

Reggae may have been born in Jamaica, but it grew up in '80s Britain at a time of evolving multiculturalism, finding an unlikely ally in ...


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