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Momus: Lusts of a Moron

Interview by Len Brown, New Musical Express, 22 August 1987

IS MOMUS perverted, introspective, or just more candid than most? LEN BROWN meets the man whose songs are a poison heartache. ...

Momus: CV of Mortal Sins

Interview by Don Watson, New Musical Express, 6 August 1988

Is MOMUS (aka NICK CURRIE) a voyeur, ex-rent boy and semi necrophile? Or is he merely writing a rock'n'roll bad reputation for himself? DON WATSON ...

Momus: Hippopotamomus

Review by Ted Kessler, Select, August 1991

MOMUS (AKA NICHOLAS CURRIE) is way, way out there. A wicked pop weasel whose poisoned Euro-pop fizzes with animal sex, human sex and cannibalism. His ...

Momus Vivendi

Report and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Vogue, October 1991

THERE IS NOTHING quite like Momus in British pop. The alter ego of one Nicholas Currie, right, a pale Scotsman of Presbyterian origin who dwells ...


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