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The Mike Flowers Pops: From Oasis, a golden syrup

Report and Interview by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 22 December 1995

Warning: don't view Mike Flowers's 'Wonderwall' as mere easy-listening Yuletide No 1 fun. He means it, man. ...

The Mike Flowers Pops: Forum, London

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 19 February 1996

In praise of light entertainment ...

The Mike Flowers Pops: Anson Rooms, Bristol University

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 24 February 1996


The Mike Flowers Pops: A Groovy Place (London 10 tks/35 mins)

Review by Caitlin Moran, Melody Maker, 22 June 1996

MY INSIDER from the world of 'ardkore E-Z Listening informs me that Mike Flowers is "faux", but pleasant enough if you're whammed off your tits ...


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