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The Primitive Pulse Of War: Mickey Hart

Report and Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 24 August 1980

MICKEY HART is realistic. The Grateful Dead percussionist knows he hasn'tgot a chartbusting hit on his hands and it doesn't concern him in the least. ...

Ethnomusicologist Mickey Hart Gives Us The World

Interview by Christine Natanael, Reflex, February 1989

THIS IS THE story of a recordist – a man that has made it his business to preserve moments in time and memories of his ...

Hart and Hunter: Opening the Mystery Box

Interview by Richard Gehr, Rolling Stone, 31 May 1996

So what's so mysterious about the Mystery Box?Mickey Hart: The musical mystery is, How do you marry tuned percussion and voice? And on a metaphorical ...

Q&A: Mickey Hart & Robert Hunter

Interview by Richard Gehr, Rolling Stone, 5 September 1996

IT'S BEEN A hectic, emotional year for former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and the band's longtime lyricist Robert Hunter. After coming to grips with ...

The Grateful Dead: Days of the Living Dead

Interview by Mark Rowland, Musician, October 1996

TWO HOURS north of San Francisco, you can drive a country road that snakes past a redwood grove, into a driveway that curls around a ...

Mickey Hart

Interview by Christine Natanael,, July 2008

SOMETIMES going backwards can actually be going forwards. Is that not, after all the basic premise of most disciplines learned, from religion and mathematics to ...

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