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Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5: Flashin' the Message

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 16 November 1982

ALTHOUGH 'THE Message' has been one of the dancefloor world's biggest smashes of 1982, that success does not minimise the actual lyrical content of what ...

Grandmaster & Melle Mel: 'White Lines (Don't Do It)' (Sugar Hill 12-inch); Mutabaruka: 'Ode To Johnny Drughead' (Alligator 12-inch)

Review by J.D. Considine, Musician, January 1984

ALTHOUGH IT'S doubtful Nancy Reagan listens to either rap or reggae records (or anything more soulful than Ray Anthony, for that matter), she ought to ...

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five: Greatest Messages (Sugarhill); Grandmaster Melle Mel: 'Jesse' (Sugarhill)

Review by J.D. Considine, Record, June 1984

RAP RECORDS had messages before 'The Message' exploded across the airwaves in 1982, but it remains extremely tempting to argue that it was Grandmaster Flash ...

see also Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five

see also Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five


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