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The Warmth And Magic That Make The Medicine Go Down

Interview by Alan Smith, New Musical Express, 24 July 1971

"WE ARE NOT," said Medicine Head's John Fiddler, caught betwixt a meal of rich dark chunks of bread and butter and mellow yellow hunks of ...

Medicine Head, Status Quo: Lyceum, London

Live Review by James Johnson, New Musical Express, 7 August 1971


Medicine Head: The Unknown Celebrities

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 23 June 1973

AT A DELIGHTFUL pub in Twickenham on Saturday eve, Medicine Head's Peter Hope-Evans sat drinking a glass of Lowenbrau. The perpetual grin across his face ...

Medicine Head

Interview by Andrew Tyler, New Musical Express, 25 August 1973

SO YOU'RE a dues-paying rock 'n' roll star with a couple of weeks to kill and you decide to flit off to Ahmadnagar and hang ...

Black Oak Arkansas, Medicine Head: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 28 September 1974

Pure hokum — but damn fine! ...

John Fiddler Recalls… Medicine Head

Retrospective and Interview by Dave Thompson, Goldmine, July 2004

IT’S ONE OF THE modern collector’s last remaining joys, compiling long and bitter lists of the albums we’d most like to see released on CD, ...


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