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Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly (Rough Trade)

Review by Edwin Pouncey, New Musical Express, 26 May 1990

DAVID ROBACK, who with singer Hope Sandoval makes up one half of the Mazzy Star project, probably likens himself to the US equivalent of ace ...

Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly (Rough Trade) ***½

Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 9 June 1990

Mazzy Star Debut a Fine Fix of Country Blues ...

Mazzy Star: Ghost Riders in the Sky

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 9 June 1990


Mazzy Star: Astral Peaks

Profile and Interview by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 16 June 1990

From the ashes of Opal, David Roback has created the most auspicious Mazzy Star. Roy Wilkinson applauds their blue-skied guitars. ...

Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly

Review by David Cavanagh, Select, July 1990

MAZZY STAR is the latest project of David Roback, a seminal, limelight-shunning Los Angeles underground figure who put together the original Rain Parade in the ...

Mazzy Star

Profile and Interview by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, 23 August 1990

Pouty vocals drape a psychedelic soundtrack ...

Mazzy Star: Club Lingerie, Hollywood CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 27 August 1990

Hipster Hypnotists at the Lingerie ...

Stars in their eyes: Mazzy Star: Woody's, New York

Live Review by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 1 September 1990

"OLA! I got you some bangles," ad-libs Hope Sandoval, looking like Nastassja Kinski had she opted for transcendental folk music instead of Roman Polanski. ...

Mazzy Star

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Vogue, November 1990

OF ALL THE survivors from the heady early-'80s days of LA’s "Paisley Underground", Mazzy Star’s David Roeback appears to command the most respect in rock’s ...

Mazzy Star: Hermit Meets Introvert

Profile and Interview by Ted Drozdowski, Musician, November 1990

WHEN SONGWRITER/guitarist David Roback met Hope Sandoval, he recalls that "she was one of those people who hang around in the shadowed corners of a ...

Cocteau Twins/Mazzy Star: Orpheum Theater, Boston

Live Review by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 19 November 1990

Impassioned Vagueness Of Cocteau Twins ...

Mazzy Star: Give 'Em Enough Hope

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 5 January 1991

Mazzy Star's debut album, She Hangs Brightly, was voted one of the Top Ten albums of 1990 by the Maker writers. This year they look ...

Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See (Capitol)

Review by Keith Cameron, New Musical Express, 2 October 1993

WITH THEIR debut album, 1990's She Hangs Brightly, Mazzy Star ensured their place in that corner of rock's honour roll reserved for the enigmas and ...

Mazzy Star: Don't Talk Just Bliss

Interview by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 23 October 1993

Mazzy Star may make beautiful records, but they also make terrible interviewees. Chris Roberts extracts some sense from their silence and decides that the US ...

Mazzy Star: Mean Fiddler, London

Live Review by Mark Cooper, MOJO, January 1994

IN THE PRIVACY OF ONE'S OWN HOME, CALIFORNIA'S MAZZY Star can sound like an American bar band performing at half-speed at the bottom of a ...

The Jesus & Mary Chain/Mazzy Star: The Academy, New York City

Live Review by Eric Weisbard, Spin, January 1995

TWO BANDS, and for the whole evening not one word was exchanged between performers and audience; the spotlight never shined in the musicians' eyes. Wouldn't ...

Starred For Life: Mazzy Star: Among My Swan (Capitol)

Review by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 2 November 1996

Mazzy star's new album sounds exactly like... Mazzy Star. Which is a blessing. ...

Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions: Bavarian Fruit Bread (Rough Trade)

Review and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, October 2001

Former Mazzy Star star buddies up with MBV drummer Colm O'Ciosoig for full-length follow-up to last year's EP At the Doorway Again. ...

Mazzy Star: "We weren't really in the mood to release music"

Profile and Interview by Dorian Lynskey, The Guardian, 19 September 2013

YOU MIGHT THINK that a band letting 17 years elapse between their third and fourth albums was unusual. You might therefore assume that there was ...

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