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Euronymous Murdered!

Report by Paul Elliott, Tore Øien, Kerrang!, 21 August 1993

Black Metal 'Godfather' stabbed to death; rival Swedish Satanists suspected! ...

Black Metal: Bloody Hell!

Report by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, April 1994

Of course, it's all a right old laugh, Death Metal, isn't it? But in the long Scandinavian nights, some people have failed to see the ...

Black Metal Murderer Gets 14 Years!

Report by Tore Øien, Kerrang!, 9 April 1994

Emperor drummer confesses: "I kept on stabbing… then I went back and kicked him in the head" ...

Black Metal Court Report: Blood, Fire, Death

Report by Tore Øien, Kerrang!, 7 May 1994

Heavy Metal has seen nothing like it before. In Norway's infamous Black Metal scene, murder and arson are rife. Emperor drummer Bard Eithun is already ...

Black Metal Court Report: The Killer Cracks!

Report by Tore Øien, Kerrang!, 14 May 1994

Norwegian Black Metal star Varg Vikernes — aka Count Grishnackh — is charged with the murder of rival musician and Satanist Oystein Aarseth. Kerrang!'s exclusive ...

Black Metal Court Report: Mass Slaughter!

Report by Tore Øien, Kerrang!, 21 May 1994

Black Metal star Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnackh) stands accused of the murder of rival Oystein Aarseth — but incredibly, he was planning a worse ...

Black Metal Court Report: Guilty As Hell!

Report by Tore Øien, Kerrang!, 28 May 1994

The verdict is in — and Black Metal star Varg Vikernes, aka Count Grishnackh, has been found guilty of murdering rival Oystein Aarseth. The sentence ...

Varg Vikernes: This is the Most Evil Man in Rock

Overview by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 5 September 1998

STEVEN WELLS reports on the BLACK METAL scene, where various bands have been linked to church burnings, neo-Nazism and even murder. ...

Order And Chaos: Norway In Noise And Metal

Overview by John Doran, Drowned in Sound, 22 October 2010

THIS LIST HAS been designed to upset you. It's not a best of Norwegian metal. It doesn't offer a comprehensive guide to any Norwegian genre ...

Black Metal: Art Corrupted - From Burning Churches To Toasted Bagels In Twenty Years

Overview by John Doran, Totally Dublin, March 2011

Some two decades after its inception, you can now take an official True Norwegian Black Metal coach trip round Oslo, visiting the sites of arson, ...


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