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Maxine Nightingale: Maxine — Right Back At The Top

Profile and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 1 May 1976

NEW YORK: Maxine Nightingale, who comes from Wembley, seemed neither over-awed nor surprised that her record 'Right Back Where We Started From' was topping the ...

Maxine Nightingale's Disco Hit: 'I Couldn't Dance to It'

Interview by Paul Gambaccini, Rolling Stone, 20 May 1976

MAXINE NIGHTINGALE is puzzled by the success of 'Right Back Where We Started From', a song which has made her a star, pushed her marriage ...

Maxine Nightingale: "A Rich Hippie"

Interview by David Hancock, National RockStar, 19 February 1977

MAXINE NIGHTINGALE describes herself as "a rich hippie". That's how honest she is. ...


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