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Has Apple Gone Rotten?

Interview by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 7 December 1968

HAS APPLE GONE SOUR? That's a question people are starting to ask as directors quit, and the film division virtually closes down. There are also ...

As long as Apple people are appreciated by some of the people some of the time, they're happy!

Profile by Maureen O'Grady, Rave, March 1969

Maureen O'Grady writes on the other artistes signed to the Beatles. ...

Mary Hopkin: Postcard

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, 17 May 1969

POSTCARD IS AS much Paul McCartney's as it is Mary Hopkin's, which is to say that it is one of those albums on which the ...

Mary Hopkin: Mary Had A Little Jam...And Now She's Got A Single!

Interview by Ray Fox-Cumming, Record Mirror, 21 February 1976

MARY HOPKIN has at least one good reason for being glad to be back at work "It gives me an excuse to get a maid. ...

Eurovision: It's That Time Again!

Retrospective by Tom Hibbert, Smash Hits, 26 April 1984

On May 5 it's The Eurovision Song Contest. And — admit it — you'll be there in front of the telly cringeing as this year's entry, Belle And The ...

Mary Hopkin: 'She's A Joan Baez Type, But We'll Soon Alter That'

Interview by Bill DeYoung, Goldmine, 14 April 1995

MARY HOPKIN is surprised and flattered to learn that she is something of a mythical figure in America. In the States, general knowledge of Hopkin ...


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