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Mai Tai: History (Virgin V2359) ***

Review by Chris Roberts, Sounds, 6 July 1985

FOR YOUR inflammation, a Mai-Tai is a complex cocktail involving rum, tequila and various other terribly sinful fluids, but Dutch girls Caroline, Mildred and Jetty ...

Mai Tai: Le Beat Route, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Sounds, 3 August 1985

FLINGING ON my best white suit and ballet shoes, I dived through the catflap and tricycled along to what could've been The Symbolic Death Of ...

Mai Tai: A fashion designer, an ex fare-dodger and someone who tells the rudest jokes imaginable

Interview by Chris Heath, Smash Hits, 20 November 1985

"I'VE ONLY ever seen one windmill in my whole life," insists Carolein firmly. Only one windmill? But this is Holland, land of windmills, clogs, tulips ...


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