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The Long Ryders: Lock 17, London

Live Review by Andrew Mueller, The Independent, 5 July 2004

THE LONG RYDERS enter to a tape of the theme tune from The Magnificent Seven, and begin their set with a cover of the Byrds' ...

Long Ryders Renovating Byrdsland

Interview by Bud Scoppa, Record, April 1984

Los Angeles — Sid Griffin, 27-year-old guitarist and founding member of the Long Ryders, machine-guns opinions as well as he emulates the onstage moves of ...

The Long Ryders: Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Waller, Los Angeles Times, 21 December 1985


Long Ryders: Don't Call Us Country-Rock

Profile and Interview by Jeff Tamarkin, Billboard, 5 January 1984

L.A. Band Following in Burrito Brothers' Footsteps ...

The Long Ryders: Bye Bye Byrdie

Interview by Jeff Tamarkin, Creem, October 1987

LET'S JUST get this part out of the way, since it's gonna come up anyway and maybe you're one of the ones who got pissed ...

The Long Ryders Shoot 'Em Up

Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 23 September 1983

LOS ANGELES – Fringe jackets, mini-skirts, turtlenecks, striped trousers, long hair, 12-string guitars, LSD, acoustic instruments, garage rehearsals – lots of things are coming back ...

The Long Ryders: Happy Trails

Interview by Ralph Traitor, Sounds, 19 October 1985

THE LONG RYDERS might be all things to all men. An article of faith to those who have waited, unrequited but unbowed, for the advent ...

Griffin, Long Ryders Set To Go The Distance

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 19 December 1985

WHEN SID Griffin talks about his "family" these days, he doesn't just mean his folks back in Kentucky. He's referring to the Los Angeles musical ...

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