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Level 42; Squeeze: Crystal Palace, London

Live Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, October 1991

THE MICRO-economic indicators at Crystal Palace Bowl are contradictory: the touts are offering tickets at "less than box office price" but with the opening act ...

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Level 42: Standing In The Light (Polydor)

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 3 September 1983

BRITFUNK... THERE'S a lot of it about. From the half-Bakered whine of 'AEIOU' to the anonymous disaster that is David Grant, these isles are responsible ...

Level 42: Living It Down

Profile and Interview by Chris Salewicz, The Face, November 1983

IN THE HITCHHIKERS Guide To The Galaxy the number 42 is revealed as the clue to The I Meaning Of Life. This is the origin ...

Level 42: Pleasure Principle

Interview by Lynden Barber, Melody Maker, 22 December 1984

Lynden Barber accuses LEVEL 42 of showing off. Mark King stays cool. ...

The Producers: Ken Scott

Interview by Chas de Whalley, International Musician & Recording World, January 1986

Ken Scott muses on his journey from Bowie to Kajagoogoo. Chas de Whalley listens attentively ...

The Producers: Wally Badarou

Interview by Chas de Whalley, International Musician & Recording World, February 1986

Wally Badarou gets together with Chas de Whalley and puzzles over their possible family relationship ...

Level 42: This Man's Hands Are Worth £1,000,000

Interview by William Shaw, Smash Hits, 23 April 1986

WHY? Because Mark King of Level 42 is widely reckoned to be the best bass guitar player ever. He plays so fast that his thumbs ...

Wally Badarou's All-World Keyboards

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician, May 1986

The Synthesizer Star of Compass Point on Getting and Keeping International Feel ...

Level 42: Level Best

Interview by Mark Sinker, New Musical Express, 7 March 1987

"I pre-empted the Doctor Martens thing, you know." ...

Level 42: Running in the Family (Polydor)

Review by Rob Tannenbaum, Rolling Stone, 18 June 1987

AFTER SEVERAL albums of funk-fusion flash, Level 42 harnessed its considerable instrumental ability on World Machine, as sleek and agreeable a digital-era pop record as ...

Level 42: Staring At The Sun (Polydor)

Review by Andrew Smith, Melody Maker, 15 October 1988

LEVEL 42 make me feel bad. They make me feel like I'm being as predictable as they are — and it's true. But what can ...

Level 42: The Most Famous Thumb in Rock

Interview by Stuart Maconie, Q, April 1994

NOW WHO would live in a house like this? one thinks, as the taxi traverses the length of the drive and passes between the ornamental ...

Level 42: Next-Level Thinking

Retrospective and Interview by David Burke, Classic Pop, September 2018

Level 42 embark on a 19-date Eternity tour of the UK this autumn. But don't expect to hear anything new. "I'm as dry as granny's ...


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