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Leo Kottke

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Leo Kottke

Report and Interview by Fred Dellar, New Musical Express, 30 August 1975

LEO KOTTKE'S come a long way from St. Louis – now he's got more stories to tell than British Rail has stale rolls... ...

The ZigZag Interview: Leo Kottke

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, ZigZag, January 1976

I'VE ALWAYS dreaded starting so called in depth interviews with 'Go back to your earliest recollections etc and in the case of Leo Kottke I ...

Of Ice Fields, Breath Mints & Corn Flakes: Leo Kottke

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, October 1989

TRYING TO COME up with enticing copy about Leo Kottke, is a little like writing an ad for Kellogg's Corn Flakes. There's something about ...

Leo Kottke: An Interview

Interview by Colin Harper, The Irish News, 29 May 1998

Author's Note: I often had a chance to preview touring artists, soon to be playing in Northern Ireland, in the Irish News, a Belfast-based daily ...


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