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Stiff Records: Be A Killer Or Be A Real Stiff…

Report by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 28 October 1978

W. C. FIELDS would have hated the "Be Stiff" tour. A sixteen year child star who toured with Mickey Rooney? A performing punk dwarf called ...

Lene Lovich: Bedford College, London

Live Review by Penny Valentine, Melody Maker, 24 February 1979

EMERGING FROM the Stiff tour as little more than a suspicious record company packaging job with a clever line in Spanish lace, Lovich is now ...

Sax And The Single Girl: Lene Lovich's Lucky Number Comes Up

Report and Interview by Dave McCullough, Sounds, 24 February 1979

  LAY-NA LUV-ITCH. The woman suddenly appears behind the counter and with the cheeriest of smiles starts to sign 12-inch copies of her chartbound 'Lucky Number' ...

Stiff Tour Invades Colonies: Records Break, Eric Stays Up Past Bedtime

Report and Interview by Dave Schulps, Trouser Press, April 1979

Probing reporter Dave Schulps sees the show, talks to the Records' Will Birch, and delves into the acidic past of Wreckless Eric. ...

The Bits and Myths of Lene Lovich

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, Rolling Stone, 9 August 1979

A VISION IN black, even her gingerbread pigtails decorated with a wedding cake of black lace, Lene Lovich sits in the unassuming offices of Stiff ...

Lene Lovich: A HIt Ms That Refuses To Fit

Profile and Interview by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 13 October 1979

LENE LOVICH, five foot nothing of old lace, obscure ancestry and pigtails, is what in old showbiz parlance they call a trouper. She can take ...

Lene Lovich: One In A Million

Report and Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 9 February 1980

YOU NEED a publicist? Look no further than Dean Klevatt, a young man who makes Phineas T Barnum himself look like a shrinking violet. ...

Lene Lovich: Oyohoh ah-OO ah-OO

Report and Interview by Julie Panebianco, Boston Rock, 5 November 1981

THE HOLIDAY Inn lobby is decorated with hot pink velvatine chairs and a large marble water fountain. She even manages to stand out there: bright ...

Lene Lovich

Report and Interview by Jim Green, Trouser Press, January 1982

"MANY PEOPLE have said to me, 'You must have changed your style, because you now have a popular record with 'New Toy'," says Lene Lovich. ...

Lene Lovich

Interview by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 14 August 1982

"You know who I've been digging a lot lately, not as a performer but as a singer? Lene Lovich. I really dig her music."— Iggy ...

Lene Lovich: Slav Siren To Play Mata Hari

Interview by Cynthia Rose, Creem, March 1983

MARLENE PREMILOVICH – professionally, Lene Lovich – has been out of the musical limelight for awhile, since the January 1980 release of Flex and a ...


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