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M.I.A. and Lady Sovereign: A Far Cry From North-West London

Profile and Interview by Ben Thompson, Sunday Telegraph, 30 January 2005

Two of this year's most eagerly anticipated records come from young women with some striking similarities. Ben Thompson talks to M.I.A. and Lady Sovereign. ...

Lady Sovereign: Cargo, London

Live Review by Sophie Heawood, The Guardian, 30 March 2005

THE PROBLEM with turning your life into your career is that you never get a day off. This irony dawns on Lady Sovereign tonight, as ...

Lady Sovereign: Public Warning (Def Jam/Casual)

Review by Dorian Lynskey, The Word, February 2007

Public Warning by "white midget" Lady Sovereign — a few years too long in the oven, but funny in parts. ...

Lady Sovereign: Public Warning

Review by Mike Diver, Drowned in Sound, 7 February 2007

"I SEE YOUR FIRST PRIORITIES are discussing me in Maccy D's at about half-three." ...

Lady Sovereign: Scala, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 10 February 2007

"THE BIGGEST MIDGET IN THE GAME," all 5ft 1in of her, is no longer the gauche grime-girl from Wembley. Dropping in for one UK show ...

Mika: Berkeley Square, London; Lady Sovereign: Scala, London

Live Review by Simon Price, The Independent, 11 February 2007

OUTSIDE THE GIANT TENT erected in Berkeley Square, the trees are illuminated pink and officers of the Metropolitan Police are holding back scores of fruity ...

Lady Sovereign

Interview by John Lewis, London Lite, July 2007

IT'S BEEN QUITE a year for Lady Sovereign. She's met Gordon Brown at Downing Street to discuss hoodies ("he was all right, you know, not ...

Lady Sovereign: 5 Cavendish Square, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 21 April 2009

LADY SOVEREIGN operates on hip-hop time, so it's compulsory for her to be an hour late for this low-key comeback show, at — oddly enough ...

Lady Sovereign: Sov Story

Profile and Interview by John Lewis, Hotline, June 2009

John Lewis talks to Wembley's grime-pop diva Lady Sovereign about that "difficult" second album. ...


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