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Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway

Review by Dan Gennoe,, July 2005

IT'S SAID THAT American's do everything bigger and better than everyone else. While, in most instances the second part of the claim is a matter ...

Kelly Clarkson: My December

Review by Dan Gennoe,, 25 June 2007

KELLY CLARKSON deserves the admiration and respect of everyone. Fan, detractor, or indifferent bystander with as much interest in the career of the first winner ...

Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever Wanted

Review by Dan Gennoe,, March 2009

IN MATTERS OF ART there's no right, no wrong, just opinion. ...

Kelly Clarkson is going from strength to strength — and doesn't care if people think she's a lesbian

Interview by Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror, 27 January 2012

The American Idol winner on her family upbringing and why she's happy to be single ...


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