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The Kane Gang: Raising Kane

Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, The Face, September 1984

The almost accidental progress of a modern-day pop group. Lesson No. 1: never give up your day job until your goal is in sight. ...

The Kane Gang: Lowdown hoedown

Interview by David A. Keeps, Creem, June 1986

"SARCASM IS the lowest form of wit," the Kane Gang's singer/lyricist Martin Brammer warns me. Uh-oh! Howza wiseguy CREEM hack supposed to comport hisself when ...

The Kane Gang: Watching The Wheels Go Round

Interview by Stuart Bailie, Record Mirror, 4 July 1987

'Motortown' marks the return of Geordie outfit the Kane Gang after an absence of two years. During the interval, they've been reflective, have become more ...


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