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John Cougar Mellencamp: Scarecrow (PolyGram)

Review by Deborah Frost, The Village Voice, 3 September 1985

NOW IS PROBABLY not the time for all good men to sing about their country. That's because most good men are bound to come up ...

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Johnny Cougar: Chestnut Street Incident (MCA-2225)

Review by John Swenson, Rolling Stone, 16 December 1976

JOHNNY COUGAR is a comically inept singer who unfortunately takes himself seriously. His debut album is full of ridiculous posturing with virtually nothing to back ...

John Cougar: XR-7's Entire Midwest Metropolis

Report by Richard Riegel, Creem, December 1980

Renegade Stories Down Thru the Years: ...

John Cougar: No wonder he's feeling so up

Interview by Gene Sculatti, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 7 August 1982

Who is John Cougar and why are people saying these things about him? Critics are calling him a shameless Mick Jagger mimic and the Rich ...

John Cougar & The Fooling Of America

Interview by J. Kordosh, Creem, September 1982

I'D NEVER listened to any of John Cougar's records before American Fool, although I saw him open for the Kinks a couple of years back. ...

John Mellencamp: The Kid's Alright

Profile and Interview by Deborah Frost, Record, December 1983

Beneath all the bluster, John Cougar turns out to be an average Joe trying to make a living and have a good time — neither ...

John Cougar: Pink Houses In The Midwest

Interview by Bill Holdship, Creem, January 1984

MY STOMACH WAS in my throat again, and I was seriously contemplating murder. The victim would be editor-in-chief of the rag you presently hold in ...

John Cougar Mellencamp: Radio City Music Hall, New York

Live Review by David A. Keeps, New Musical Express, 4 August 1984

JOHN COUGAR Mellencamp has a big old heart and one helluva nerve. First he has his buddy (and band hairdresser) warm up the crowd with ...

John Cougar Mellencamp: Working Class Hero In The Rumbleseat

Interview by Bill Holdship, Creem, February 1986

BELMONT MALL, John Cougar Mellencamp's beautiful new recording studio, is located in a pastoral farm area not far from John's home in Bloomington, Indiana. It's ...

John Cougar Mellencamp: Growing Up In Public

Interview by Bill Holdship, Creem, December 1987

You'd think that John Cougar Mellencamp would be living a rock 'n' roll version of the proverbial life of Riley. ...

10 Questions: John Mellencamp

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 10 November 1991

ROCK STAR and grandfather, oil paint and electric guitar, proud and self-deprecating, cynical and idealistic... At 40, John Mellencamp remains a feisty bundle of contradictions. ...

John Mellencamp Speaks Truth And Art

Interview by Francesco Calazzo, Buscadero (Italy), 1998

A LONG TIME Mellencamp fan, myself, who disliked, or at the very least did not "dig" his Mr. Happy Go Lucky album, could not miss ...

John Mellencamp: Cuttin' Heads (Columbia)

Review by Richard Riegel, The Village Voice, 5 December 2001

ROBERT ZIMMERMAN wanted to emulate Woody Guthrie, while John Mellencamp aspired to be the next-to-last David Bowie, and here they are at fateful birthdays 60 ...

John Mellencamp: Words & Music

Review by Terry Staunton, Record Collector, December 2004

HEARTLAND ROCKERS have been ten-a-penny over the last 20 or 30 years. For every eloquent and poetic Springsteen there is a subs' bench straining under ...

Farm Aid

Review by Alan Light,, September 2008

"THIS IS OUR twenty-third Farm Aid," said John Mellencamp, "and when we started this thing, we were naïve enough that we thought we'd have this ...

Pete Seeger's Birthday Concert: Madison Square Garden, NYC

Live Review by Alan Light,, May 2009

IN THE NEW biography The Protest Singer, folk music paragon Pete Seeger tells writer Alec Wilkinson that the single word he believes in above all ...

John Mellencamp: Life, Death, Love & Freedom

Review by Larry Jaffee, Audiophile Review, June 2009

JOHN MELLENCAMP is one of these artists who has always confounded me. ...

John Mellencamp: McCaw Hall at Seattle Center

Live Review by Charles Bermant, Rock's Backpages, 25 April 2011

SEATTLE—John Mellencamp played only one song from when he was known only as "Cougar", and even that was only to fulfill an obligation to people ...

T Bone Burnett on Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Review and Interview by Holly Gleason, Paste, 31 May 2013

"I DON'T HAVE ANY HOPES FOR IT," T Bone Burnett confesses about Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the Stephen King/John Mellencamp collaborative play/performance experience he ...


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