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John Foxx: Technological man

Interview by Chris Bohn, Melody Maker, 19 January 1980

It's not the machine that is evil, nor the synthesizer. Man canuse technology and benefit. Nevertheless, John Foxx, the quiet man, still likes to sing. ...

John Foxx: The Quiet Man Speaks

Interview by Alex Ogg, The Quietus, 7 November 2008

John Foxx is perhaps one of the UK's most undersung musicians. Here he talks to Alex Ogg about Ultravox!, synth pop and nearly being in ...

John Foxx: London Overgrown (Metamatic)

Review by Mike Barnes, The Wire, November 2015

FASCINATED BY ruin and dereliction as a result of temporal processes, John Foxx has been filming, photographing and exploring London with what you could call ...

Q&A: John Foxx

Interview by Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk, 2 September 2016

The leader of the original Ultravox on challenging the punk era's orthodoxies and the band as an art project ...

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