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Jamie Lidell: Boy in a Bubble

Interview by Rob Young, The Wire, July 2005

Digital avant funk sound boffin and flamboyant vocalist by turns, Jamie Lidell's live appearances are spectacular feats of improvised technology and showmanship. On the release ...

Jamie Lidell: King's Cross Scala, London

Live Review by Ben Thompson, Daily Telegraph, 13 November 2005

JAMIE LIDELL'S live show at the King's Cross Scala offers a number of delightfully incongruous spectacles. Looming large among them is the sight of a ...

Jamie Lidell: Jim (Warp)

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 25 April 2008

BACK AT THE turn of the millennium, Jamie Lidell was a cutting-edge electronic musician, crooning over abstract, fractured beats and jittery synth blips as one-half ...


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