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James McMurtry: Candyland (Columbia CK 46911)

Review by Bill Wasserzieher, Rock & Roll Disc, Fall 1992

Producer: John Mellencamp Engineer: Not available Total disc time: 42:32 (AAD) Merit: *** Sound: **** ...

James McMurtry: Landscape Artist

Profile and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, American Songwriter, 5 March 2015

MOST OF JAMES MCMURTRY's songs are populated by rural and small-town characters, but these are not pastoral hymns to the easygoing joys of country living. ...

Down in Austin, music is something of a family business

Live Review by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore City Paper, 19 March 2015

AUSTIN MUSIC IS becoming a family business. Parents are passing down to their children songwriter/performer brand names as if they were used-car lots, drug stores, ...


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