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The Insect Trust: Hoboken Saturday Night

Review by John Morthland, No Depression, 28 February 2007

SAY WHAT YOU will about the 1960s, the era spawned a lot of good ideas before things went wrong. Musically, the communal band Insect Trust ...

The Memphis Country Blues Festival

Report by Miller Francis jr., The Great Speckled Bird, 23 June 1969

AN ARTICLE ON the Memphis Country Blues Festival in a local Memphis newspaper was headlined: "BLUES ARE REBORN IN COTTON-FIELD HEAT." ...

Santana, the Allman Brothers Band, the Insect Trust: A War On Rock

Report by Miller Francis Jr., The Great Speckled Bird, 30 March 1970

SANTANA AND the Allman Brothers Band flew right into a hornet's nest last week when they showed up to play at the Municipal Auditorium: there ...


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