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Ian Matthews

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 1971

BACK FROM a promotional tour of the States, Ian Matthews sat in a West End Wimpy Bar pondering his next move. He knows precisely what ...

Ian Matthews: If You Saw Thro' My Eyes (Vertigo)

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 19 August 1971

AFTER A TWO-ALBUM stint with Fairport Convention, Ian Matthews made a solo LP, Matthews Southern Comfort, formed a band called Matthews Southern Comfort, and proceeded ...

Donny Hathaway, Ian Matthews: Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 26 August 1971

THE TROUBADOUR this week is the scene of one of those unfortunate billings, a pairing whose promise as one of the club's most attractive one-two ...

Randy Newman, Ian Matthews: The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Colman Andrews, Phonograph Record, November 1971

RANDY NEWMAN looks like a kid you used to know in high school — the one who always read Scientific American and got A's in trig. Which ...

Ian Matthews: Tigers Will Survive

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone, 17 February 1972

ONCE UPON A time Ian Matthews was a member of Fairport Convention. Fairport Convention then decided they wanted to head in the direction of traditional ...

Ian Matthews: Countryside Comfort

Profile and Interview by Mick Houghton, Let It Rock, October 1973

IT SEEMED almost inevitable that Ian Matthews would find himself living and recording on the West coast of America, and he admitted that before he ...

Ian Matthews: Go For Broke

Review by John Tobler, ZigZag, June 1976

I'VE ALWAYS HAD a strong affection for Ian Matthews' music since the Fairports, and just like a lot of other people, I suppose, I've wondered ...

Goin' Back With Ian Matthews, part 1

Retrospective and Interview by John Tobler, ZigZag, September 1976

IT CAME AS no great surprise to me that Ian Matthews should come quite so high in the recent poll concerning who you'd like to ...

Ian Matthews: Goin' Back With Ian Matthews, part 2

Retrospective and Interview by John Tobler, ZigZag, October 1976

LAST MONTH WE left Ian moaning and groaning about the Best Of Ian Matthews' Southern Comfort album, which MCA chose to thrust upon an unsuspecting ...

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