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The High Llamas: Apricots (Plastic Records/LP/CD)

Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 8 February 1992

SEAN O'HAGAN and his fellow Llamas must be sick of references to their past life in Microdisney by now, but this latest mini-album undoubtedly invites ...

The High Llamas: You Can Call Me Alpaca

Interview by Stuart Maconie, New Musical Express, 22 February 1992

Former Microdisney man SEAN O'HAGAN is busy keeping that band's wry popsmithery alive in his new outfit, THE HIGH LLAMAS, mellow practitioners of the lost ...

The High Llamas: Apricots (Plastic Records)

Review by Max Bell, Vox, March 1992

SEAN O'HAGAN, formerly of the admirable Microdisney but now pursuing a solo path with the latter's rhythm section in tow, is a man with much ...

Tindersticks/Baby Bird/High Llamas/Sparklehorse: The Astoria, London

Live Review by Barney Hoskyns, The Independent, 1995

IT'S RARE enough these days that you find two decent bands on the same bill, let alone four. So hats off to the New Musical ...

Mercury Rev/ The High Llamas: LA2, London

Live Review by Andy Gill, MOJO, September 1995

THE DECOMMISSIONED DISCO dungeon that is LA2 is hardly the best place to see a group like The High Llamas. ...

The High Llamas: Hawaii; Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Review by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, May 1996

UPON OBSERVING A SMALL dog walking on its hind legs, Doctor Johnson famously noted that it was less remarkable how well the cur in question ...

The High Llamas

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, unpublished, 1997

THERE IS nothing quite like the High Llamas, even at a time when symphonic "mood music" is all the rage and neo-easy listening has become ...

The High Llamas: Hawaii (Alpaca Park/V2)

Review by Dave DiMartino, Rolling Stone, 18 September 1997

THE LATEST album by England's High Llamas — finally released here — is guaranteed to elicit open-mouthed astonishment from Brian Wilson fans who thought they ...

The Apples in Stereo: Tone Soul Evolution (spinART); The High Llamas: Hawaii (V2)

Review by Erik Himmelsbach, Spin, December 1997

FOR BRAIN-CELL-overloaded teen nerd-boys sitting alone in their bedrooms, grown-up nerdboy Brian Wilson was always a more realistic role model than, say, Steven Tyler. With ...

The High Llamas: Cecil Sharp House, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, The Independent, 22 December 1997

WITHIN EARSHOT of London Zoo's lions, inside the splendour of the English Folk Song Society's walls, Sean O'Hagan is trying to raise a ghost. A ...

The High Llamas: Cold And Bouncy (Alpaca)

Review by Andy Crysell, New Musical Express, 24 January 1998

IT'D TAKE A lot to knock the chief Llama off course. Sean O'Hagan could probably stand at the end of a runway listening to Death ...

High Llamas: Cold And Bouncy (Alpaca Park)

Review by Chris Ingham, MOJO, February 1998

IF YOU LOVE The Beach Boys and other purveyors of the pocket symphony as much as the highest Llama Sean O'Hagan obviously does, then Hawaii ...

High Llamas: Sean O'Hagan on Cold And Bouncy

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, February 1998

Sylvie Simmons talks to Sean O'Hagan ...

High Llamas: Cold And Bouncy

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, February 1998

SEAN O'HAGAN of, first, Microdisney, and now The High Llamas, has been one of our finest melodicists for 15 years. Along with Paddy McAloon of ...

Stereolab, The High Llamas: 9.30 Club, Washington DC

Live Review by David Stubbs, Vox, February 1998

WASHINGTON DC encapsulates all America's contrasts in extremis. Up on Capitol Hill, they're running the country. Over at the White House, he's running the world. ...

Pet Sounds and High Llamas

Review by Mac Randall, The Boston Phoenix, 6 April 1998

THERE CAN'T BE MANY classic rock albums that rock less than the Beach Boys' 1966 opus Pet Sounds. The fruity orchestral arrangements are about as ...

The High Llamas: Hump Up The Volume

Profile and Interview by Paul Lester, Uncut, June 1998

"THERE ARE TWO STRANDS OF HEROIN rock consciousness," says Sean O'Hagan, the man who Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys, with mock reverence, has called ...

The High Llamas: A Different Breed

Overview by Tim Page, The Washington Post, 10 January 1999

'Crossover' British Rockers Deftly Blend Old and New. The Result Is A Horse of Another Color. ...

High Llamas: Harmonies Don't Hurt

Interview by Mike Barnes, The Wire, October 1999

"THERE IS A fear that pop music instils in a certain bunch of people, because they can't deal with tunes," says Sean O'Hagan, leader of ...

The High Llamas: Snowbug (V2)

Review by Tom Cox, The Guardian, 22 October 1999

THE AURAL equivalent of icing desperately missing a cake, High Llamas records are all arrangement and no song, taking the legacy of the Beach Boys ...

City and Country: High Llamas' Beet, Maize & Corn

Review by Richard Gehr, The Village Voice, 9 December 2003

IS ANY SONGWRITER more finely attuned to the shimmering membrane separating city and country than Sean O'Hagan?  ...

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