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Brian Eno, Roger Eno, Harold Budd, Daniel Lanois: Music For Films (Land)

Review by Andrew Smith, Melody Maker, 22 October 1988

LET'S NOT mince words; most of these ambienceurs are a fraud, trying to sell us insubstantial ideas that aren't worth listening to by simply turning ...

Brian Eno: Musical Revolutionary

Interview by Gene Santoro, Pulse!, March 1989

Stellar producer; influential recording artist; pioneering shaper of sound: BRIAN ENO is all of those things and more. ...

Harold Budd: By The Dawn's Early Light (Opal/Warner Bros/All formats)

Review by Betty Page, New Musical Express, 7 September 1991

TAKE A REST from the rigours of following popular music — those who rave, chill; those who contemplate their shoes, do it to your navel ...

Harold Budd: Sonic archaeologist

Profile and Interview by David Toop, The Wire, June 1994

What unearthly music is Harold Budd exhuming now? ...

Invisible Jukebox: Harold Budd

Interview by Mike Barnes, The Wire, January 1997

Every month we play a musician a series of records which they're asked to identify and comment on — with no prior knowledge of what ...

Jah Wobble's Solaris: Ocean, London

Live Review by John Aizlewood, The Guardian, 23 October 2001

NEVER AFRAID of embracing the cerebral, Jah Wobble's latest group project, Solaris, is inspired by Stanislaw Lem's 1961 science fiction novel and, especially, Andrei Tarkovsky's ...


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