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Grandaddy: The Monarch, London

Live Review by Stevie Chick, Melody Maker, 21 February 1998

A LESSON in not listening to The Man, who would have you believe that bands like Grandaddy, stretching their thrift-store synths way beyond their limits ...

Super Furry Animals, Grandaddy: Academy, Manchester

Live Review by Stevie Chick, Melody Maker, 23 May 1998


Grandaddy: Rising Gramp

Interview by Pat Long, Select, July 2000

Come to grandaddy and exult in their eccentric, heartfelt sounds ...

Grandaddy: The Sophtware Slump

Review by Ed Doheny, Rock's Backpages, December 2000

"SHOULD NEVER have left the crystal lake/For parties full of folks who flake." There’s something irresistible about gnarly American guys going back to the land, ...

Grandaddy: Bristol University

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, The Times, 5 February 2001

EMERGING from the California hinterlands four years ago, Grandaddy embody a diversion from prevailing trends in America's so-called alternative rock community. Not for songwriter Jason ...

Grandaddy: Manchester University

Live Review by Rob Hughes, Uncut, April 2001

STRANGE TALES of exploding androids, lost loves, graveyards for household gadgets, crashed spaceships, sunken dreams and cock-and-bull tourist authorities. Welcome to the bevelled woodchuckery of ...

Grandaddy: Sumday (V2)

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rock's Backpages, June 2003

IN JASON LYTLE’S WORLD – one that should be readily recognisable to the rest of us in this troubling decade – things are breaking down, ...

Grandaddy: Hobo Sapiens

Report and Interview by David Quantick, The Word, July 2003

Born in a place anyone would be desperate to leave, Grandaddy decided to stay, and earn their wit and wisdom the hard way. Now their ...

Grandaddy: Corn Exchange, Brighton

Live Review by Keith Cameron, MOJO, February 2004

"THAT LAST song started with the letter 'g'," frowns Jason Lytle from beneath his truck-stop hat. "This song starts with the letter 'g'." ...

Jason Lytle: "Stuff doesn't happen unless I'm alone"

Profile and Interview by Laura Barton, The Guardian, 19 May 2006

The critics loved them. Their peers loved them. But Grandaddy never made the jump to stardom their contemporaries the Flaming Lips managed. Now the band's ...

Grandaddy, from beyond the grave: Jason Lytle talks

Interview by Mike Diver, Drowned in Sound, 28 June 2006

PERHAPS WE should have seen it coming: the official "it's over" announcement was a way off yet, but Grandaddy's penultimate release (excluding singles), Excerpts From ...


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