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James Brown, Mandrill, George McCrae: Madison Square Garden, New York NY

Live Review by Dan Nooger, The Village Voice, 11 July 1974


George & Gwen McCrae: Mr. & Mrs. Soul!

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 16 July 1974

IN EUROPE, we are quite used to discos being a major force behind the establishing of R&B hits but it's a medium that hasn't been ...

George McCrae's Last Chance – A Smash

Profile and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 20 July 1974

STRANGE how chance plays its part in the record business. If George McCrae hadn't decided to have one last try at making a hit record ...

The Miami Sound

Special Feature by Tony Cummings, Black Music, November 1974

George McCrae, KC And The Sunshine Band, Little Beaver, Latimore, Betty Wright, Clarence Reid... They're all hot and they're all from Miami, the city that's ...

George McCrae: Soul Lib

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 14 December 1974

"I TELL YOU... England is the most exciting and beautiful country I have ever seen," says George McCrae, now two and a half weeks into ...

Soul Single of the Year: 'Rock Your Baby'

Guide by David Hancock, Record Mirror, 25 January 1975

IT WAS the year's summer sound — a sort of black funk Lovin' Spoonful — which for a short time wholly captured the imagination of ...

George McCrae: Rhythm Appeal

Interview by Kevin Allen, Record Mirror, 23 August 1975

George McCrae breaks that barrier ...

George McCrae: George McCrae (TK)

Review by John Morthland, Creem, October 1975

GEORGE McCRAE and the TK studio hands don't sell songs on his albums, they sell a mood, an ambience. ...

Sunshine Band Sees Daylight — That's the Way K.C. Likes It

Profile and Interview by Tom Vickers, Rolling Stone, 20 November 1975

SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA — K.C. and the Sunshine Band threw a down-home dance party on the Circle Star Theatre's usually sedate stage. Whistles turned to ...

George McCrae: Growing Pains But It's Worth It All

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 9 December 1975

IN SOME ways, George McCrae has attained the impossible. Because if you consider the past, you'll find that virtually every artist who literally explodes on ...

Okay George, Diamonds Are Forever But

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 19 July 1977

In search of a new sound, George McCrae moved to New York to record his Diamond Touch album. But U.S. sales ain't been all they ...

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