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Fun-Da-Mental: Turban Warriors

Report and Interview by Push, Melody Maker, 9 May 1992

"FORGET THE IMAGE of Asians as passive, happy people," begins Prince Haq, MC with Fun-Da-Mental, a Bradford group who are fast making a name for ...

Real Lives: Rock of Asians

Report and Interview by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 13 March 1993

Britain's Asian community has long hosted a thriving pop scene, operating in a lucrative parallel universe to the chart mainstream. Now, CAROLINE SULLIVAN reports, radical ...

Fun-Da-Mental: Civic, London

Live Review by Andrew Smith, The Guardian, 2 November 1993

IN 1992, WE thought we were unshockable. Then came news of an English band, those angry sons of Asian immigrants, who had found a chink ...

Fun-Da-Mental: Hub Club, Bath

Live Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 21 May 1994

IT IS the night before the local elections, the one chance to hit the BNP where it really hurts... and Bath is sound asleep. Down ...

Fun-Da-Mental: Bummer Holiday

Report by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 8 July 1995

The last time FUN-DA-MENTAL took a journalist to Pakistan, the writer came home a jibbering wreck and the band split. A return trip anyone? Bribes/blackmail/strict ...


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