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Fun Boy Three

Fun Boy Three

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Fun Boy Three: Fun Boy Three

Review by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, 13 March 1982

THERE NEEDS to be good reason for breaking up an outfit like The Specials, their heyday happened so fast, ended so soon and was tied ...

Fun Boy Three

Profile and Interview by Jim Green, Trouser Press, June 1982

"EQUALITY AND democracy were what we preached. That's how it was when we started, but it didn't last. When we started making $2,000 a night ...

Letter From Britain: Jammed Up, Jelly Tight

Comment by Penny Valentine, Creem, June 1982

Struggle after struggleYear after yearThe atmosphere's a fine blend of ice.I'm almost stone cold deadIn a town called malice.— 'Town Called Malice', the Jam. ...

Terry Hall: The Face Interview

Interview by Fiona Russell Powell, Face, The, July 1983

This interview with Terry Hall is the result of two rather brief meetings with the Fun Boy, although I'm tempted to suggest that Glum Boy ...

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