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The Fleshtones: Max's Kansas City, New York NY

Live Review by Alan Betrock, New York Rocker, November 1977

THE FLESHTONES at The Village Gate were fun (not funny), like somewhat talented High Schoolers of the past apeing the newest sounds of the Shadows, ...

The "American Sound" of the Fleshtones

Interview by Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker, November 1978

WHAT'S SO cool about the Fleshtones? Nothing. That's what's so cool about the Fleshtones. They could be anybody. They are anybody: the boys next door or the ...

Greetings from NYC: My Week As A Worm In The Big Apple

Report by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 6 September 1980

AS LUCK would have it, my plane ticket to New York City's JFK Airport is open and coincides with the two major jawing topics obsessing ...

The Fleshtones: Pleasures of the Flesh

Profile and Interview by Richard Grabel, New Musical Express, 6 September 1980

THE FLESHTONES have the spirit that has always moved great pop music. They have the raw enthusiasm, the exuberance, the slight touch of madness. They ...

Fleshtones: Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Mark Leviton, Music Connection, 19 February 1981

IT ISN'T every evening you run across a virtually non-stop 40-minute set of high-energy instrumental and beat music. For my money the Fleshtones have the ...

The Fleshtones: This Year's Authentic Embodiment of Rock 'n' Roll

Interview by Jon Young, Trouser Press, April 1982

A COMMON thread runs through all great rock 'n' roll, from Elvis Presley and Little Richard to Dave Edmunds and the Ramones. It's a sublime ...

The Fleshtones: Primal Rock

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Creem, May 1982

SPLAT! A plastic bag filled with red chili sauce arcs up and out of the crowd and catches Fleshtones' lead singer Peter Zaremba right on ...

The Fleshtones: Hexrated

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Sounds, 1983

ACCORDING TO my copy of the Weekly World News, the end of the world is due precisely on the 30th October. That's just around the ...

The Fleshtones: Opening The Doors Of Perception

Profile and Interview by Karen Schlosberg, Trouser Press, 1983

IT WAS a dark and stormy night. In his castle high on the hill, evil Dr Vollen was cackling to himself, and to the stuffed ...

The Fleshtones: Club Lingerie, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Don Waller, Los Angeles Times, 14 June 1983


The Fleshtones: Hexbreaker! (IRS)

Review by Richard Grabel, New Musical Express, 10 September 1983

RESOLUTELY UNFASHIONABLE, the stalwart Fleshtones keep making their good-time party records and getting better at it each time out. ...

The Fleshtones: Hexbreaker!, plus Standells and Chocolate Watchband best-ofs

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, November 1983

WE'VE HEARD THIS before, and the Fleshtones know it: "Your scene isn't really so strange/Some things never really change." Hornet-nest guitar. Gnarly vocals. Lyrics that ...

Trash on Delivery: The Plimsouls and The Fleshtones

Profile and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 12 November 1983

EVERYONE VISITS the ’60s, but who brings anything back? Who brings them up to date? LA’s Plimsouls do. ...

The Fleshtones Let the '60s All Hang Out

Report and Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 11 August 1984

CAN THE FLESHTONES prosper in today's slick, sophisticated pop world of Michael Jackson and Boy George? Percentage players would probably bet against the irreverent New ...

The Fleshtones: Fleshdance At Le Gibus

Live Review by Lindsay Hutton, Sounds, 1985

THE PLAYBOYS warmed up the crowd just right despite the fact that I felt their set was a touch too long. That's not to say ...

The Fleshtones: Speed Connection (IRS)****

Review by Lindsay Hutton, Sounds, 20 July 1985

THERE'S SOMETHING about the concept of recording and releasing records within a week that really stinks. The emphasis on how quickly these things are turned ...


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