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Shoot It Up: Fields of the Nephilim

Profile and Interview by David Stubbs, Melody Maker, 13 September 1986

THE FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM – hardly a moniker you can shoot from the hip. They wear Stetsons and describe their music as "Spaghetti Metal!" ...

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, Fields Of The Nephilim: Tropicana, Peterborough

Live Review by Paul Elliott, Sounds, 2 May 1987


Fields Of The Nephilim: The Marquee, London

Live Review by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 16 January 1988


Fields Of The Nephilim: Leeds Polytechnic

Live Review by Dave Simpson, Record Mirror, 4 June 1988

AND IT CAME to pass that a fog did descend upon the earth, and out of the mist there did come... a RIFF! ...

Fields Of The Nephilim: Attractions Fatalist

Interview by Carol Clerk, Melody Maker, 20 May 1989

THE THING I most enjoy about Carl McCoy is his refusal to jump through the traditional music industry hoops. ...

Fields Of The Nephilim: Apocalypse Now (or maybe next week)

Interview by Cathi Unsworth, Sounds, 10 June 1989

Their latest single is about Armageddon and Fields Of The Nephilim mainman Carl McCoy reckons that the end is nigh. Cathi Unsworth listens to his mystical musings and gets a few survival ...

Exit The '80s — Goth: Bats Out Of Hell

Overview by Cathi Unsworth, Sounds, 23 September 1989

It's been the decade of the goth — but, somewhere along the line, the innovation of the Birthday Party, the Banshees and the Sisters gave ...

Fields Of The Nephilim: The Nod Corner

Interview by Carol Clerk, Melody Maker, 23 December 1989

THE MOMENT IS breathtaking. One minute, he's Nod, drummer of Fields Of The Nephilim, chatting placidly of a pint of Flowers Best. Next minute, he's ...

Fields Of The Nephilim: See Ya Later, Terminator

Interview by Cathi Unsworth, Sounds, 23 February 1991

What do you do with a dusty, chaotic rock star who looks like the Grim Reaper? Why, cast him as himself in your movie and ...

Graveyard Shifts: Fields Of The Nephilim

Interview by Carol Clerk, Melody Maker, 23 March 1991

Does the release of their new live album, Earth Inferno, mark the end of an era for Fields Of The Nephilim? Why does Carl McCoy ...

Various Artists: Gothic Rock

Review by Mat Snow, Q, July 1992

Was goth really any more than wearing silly clothes and humming funereal dirges? ...


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