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Family Are A MAN'S Band

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, Record Mirror, 16 October 1971

THEIR MUSIC is both uncompromising and aggressive but like most musical hard men they have their other side and their latest album Fearless is likely ...

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Family: Music In A Doll's House (Reprise)

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 10 August 1968

LOATHE TO put their music into any category, the men of Family make it difficult for anybody else to adequately describe what they are attempting. ...

Family, Alexis Korner: College of Commerce, Manchester

Live Review by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 14 December 1968

MANCHESTER'S College of Commerce was packed out on December 4 for Family and Alexis Korner — along with a light show, two scantily-clad maidens, who ...

Family Entertainment?

Profile by Charlie Gillett, Times Educational Supplement, 31 January 1969

I'D NEVER SEEN The Family before, but the girl next to me had at Woburn Abbey and the Albert Hall, where she said they'd been ...

Family: The Original Family Way

Profile by Geoffrey Cannon, The Guardian, 18 March 1969

FAMILY IS the most original and ambitious of the British bands that have not fully emerged from' the club circuit. I first heard them a ...

Family: Whatever Happened To...?

Interview by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 21 June 1969

Alan Walsh finds out what's been happening with the Family ...

Family Planning

Interview by Mark Williams, International Times, 4 July 1969

THE FAMILY used to scare me a bit. Onstage they seemed to perform with a mixture of super coolness, a nonchalance that sometimes gave me ...

The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park: Out of the Way

Report by Geoffrey Cannon, New Society, 10 July 1969

A world turned upside down ...

The Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Family: Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Geoffrey Cannon, New Society, 10 July 1969

2018 author's introduction:  This was the third rock concert filmed by Granada Television for the UK national network in 1968 and 1969, the first two ...

Festivals & Pop Proms

Live Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 12 July 1969


The Rolling Stones et al: Hyde Park, London

Live Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 12 July 1969

CHRIS WELCH SAYS: 'Somehow the magic worked' ...

The Rolling Stones: Free Concerts — The Aftermath

Report by Mark Williams, uncredited writer, International Times, 1 August 1969

FREE CONCERTS constitute a threat to the established promotional ethos. An opportunity for music to be played without the encroachments of contractual stipulations, of advertising ...

Steppenwolf, Family: Lyceum, London

Live Review by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 25 October 1969

ONE'S ATTITUDE to much of Steppenwolf's current material depends to a great extent on how one reacts to the rather simplistic propaganda and sloganising of ...

Steppenwolf, Family: The Lyceum, London

Live Review by Tony Norman, Top Pops, 25 October 1969

THE SUNDAY Lyceum scene is developing very well. The show there this week featured Steppenwolf and Family. The place was packed, proving that there is ...

Family: An Advance Hearing of A Song For Me

Report and Interview by Tony Norman, Top Pops, 24 January 1970

SOME WEEKS before Christmas I sat in on a Family recording session at the Olympic studios just south of the river. At that time new man ...


Interview by uncredited writer, Beat Instrumental, April 1970

YOUVE HEARD it said millions of times, but here it is again. Isn't it a drag that so many of our groups don't play live ...

Grateful Dead, Traffic, Black Sabbath, Jose Feliciano et al: Hollywood Music Festival, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Live Review by Richard Green, New Musical Express, 30 May 1970


Ric Grech: Traffic's One Big Happy Family

Interview by Roy Hollingworth, Melody Maker, 10 October 1970

IT WAS good to see Ric again. We talked in melancholic tones of hazy days when gangster Grech, cigarette hanging from his lips, pumped out ...

Family: University of Rochester, Rochester NY

Live Review by Gary Lucas, Cogito, Spring 1970

Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk ...

In the Talk-In: Charlie Whitney

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 1971

FAMILY GUITARIST Charlie Whitney had just returned to his Notting Hill home after a stint in the north of England. ...


Interview by Keith Altham, Record Mirror, 8 May 1971

FAMILY ARE something else, that is they are not immediately classifiable into a particular bag – blues, rock, folk or progressive. ...

Family, Sam Apple Pie: Roundhouse, London

Live Review by James Johnson, New Musical Express, 8 May 1971

ON A GOOD night at the Roundhouse there is always a nice, free and easy atmosphere in the air. It was like that on Saturday ...

Family: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by Roy Carr, New Musical Express, 4 December 1971

IT WAS A Family affair on Friday evening, when the Fearless Five doubled the size of their personnel to perform a diverse selection of their ...

Family's Roger Chapman: Aff His Heid?

Interview by Ed Jones, Cracker, 15 January 1972

AS ROGER CHAPMAN of Family burst on to the Empire Theatre stage the other night, the ecstatic roars from the audience were counterpointed by knowing ...

Chappo Chats

Interview by Penny Valentine, Sounds, 26 August 1972

"I DON'T THINK we've ever had a particular status. I think we're a band a lot of people underestimate and in many ways I think ...

Family: New Haven Arena

Live Review by Gary Lucas, Yale Daily News, 2 October 1972

The Last Concert — Family Rocks Arena ...

Elton John, Family: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY; Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks, Sailcat: Carnegie Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Dan Nooger, The Village Voice, 19 October 1972


Family: Back Home

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 21 October 1972

JUST BEFORE THEY left for their current U.S. tour, NME took the three founder members of Family on a nostalgia-tinged trip back to their Leicester ...

Family: Bandstand (United Artists)

Review by Richard Cromelin, Music World, December 1972

PERSONNEL CHANGES have had much to do with the evolution of Family, and, as nice as the two early Reprise albums (Music in a Doll's ...

Family: Bandstand

Review by Jon Tiven, Fusion, January 1973

FAMILY IS an all-around brilliant British quintet who have just bestowed their seventh disc upon a generally unappreciative American public. The United States doesn't deserve ...


Discography by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 27 January 1973

ONE OF THE best of a large number of good British bands to emerge in 1967, Family were for about 18 months the most exciting ...

Family: Fighting For Respect

Interview by Tony Stewart, New Musical Express, 14 July 1973

SEEMS LIKE only yesterday that Family returned from America, wheezing and coughing about the sheer enjoyment of their tour. And quite a number of Family ...

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