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Faithless: Reverence (Cheeky/BMG)

Review by Push, Muzik, May 1996

Joyful and triumphant ...

Faithless: Wir Sind Berliners!

Profile and Interview by Martin Aston, Q, May 1997

Faithless: in no way Eurosceptic. ...

Faithless: Faith, Hope And Clarity

Profile and Interview by Ian Gittins, Melody Maker, 3 May 1997

FAITHLESS are successfully grafting poetry, intelligence and stoner philosophy onto their floor-filling euphoric dance. Dare you follow?                                                        * ...

Faithless: "It's not just fucking chirpy nonsense"

Interview by Andy Crysell, Muzik, October 1998

FAITHLESS are back, bigger, better and bolder than before. They say God is a DJ. He's probably a Faithless fan ...

Faithless: Dig the New Creed

Interview by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 25 September 1999

From Euro-disco trance nutters to Mercury-friendly rock'n'soul pluralists finally getting the respect they deserve — you've heard the word, now come worship in the house ...

Sister Bliss & John Martyn

Interview by Dan Gennoe, 7, 21 February 2001

She's the first lady of house, he's a living folk legend. She likes gospel, he likes jungle. They are the odd couple and they're taking ...

Faithless: House Of The Holy

Interview by Paul Elliott, Q, May 2001

One speed demon rapper. One half-deaf DJ queen. And one studio Svengali who just happens to be Dido's brother. This is Faithless, dance music's holy ...

Faithless: Re-Perspective

Review by Dan Gennoe, Q, 2002

AS THIS COLLECTION of reworked tracks from last year's Outrospective album makes all too clear, Faithless don't wear remixes well. So reliant are their songs ...

Faithless: Forever Faithless

Review by Dan Gennoe,, 16 May 2005

FAITHLESS'S SHOWINGS in the singles charts might not bag them as one of the biggest players of the '90s dance boom, but with 10 million ...

Faithless: To All New Arrivals

Interview by Sophie Heawood, The Times, 24 November 2006

FAITHLESS have abandoned big rave anthems, but they'll still bite your legs ...

Faithless: Sheffield Arena

Live Review by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 10 April 2007

RECENT YEARS have not been kind to the 1990s megaclub generation. However, despite frequently threatening retirement, London-based collective Faithless have proved as difficult to shift ...

Faithless: How we made 'Insomnia'

Interview by Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 19 October 2020

"MTV FORCED US to change the first line. It was originally: I only smoke weed when I need to" ...

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