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Fairground Attraction

Fairground Attraction

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Fairground Attraction: The First Of A Million Kisses (RCA716961P/Cass/CD)

Review by Mat Snow, Q, June 1988

Fairground Attraction: be young, be foolish, be happy! ...

Fairground Attraction: Diversion!

Report and Interview by Lloyd Bradley, Q, June 1989

THE FIGURE WAVING wildly from inside the bar of The American Hotel, Amsterdam, is Mark E. Nevin, guitarist and songwriter in Fairground Attraction. As the ...

Mrs Ordinary Boring MacTartan: Eddi Reader

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, March 1992

Unbearably arrogant, brimming with self-confidence, "in ya face" ... Eddi Reader is distinctly lacking in these most basic of frontperson qualifications. "I’m very insecure," she ...

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