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The Concise NME Guide To Electronic Music & Synthesised Sound PART TWO — Synthesisers

Overview by Andy Gill, New Musical Express, 12 January 1980

POMP THE trouble with synthesisers is actually playing them, accepting their status as sound-generators and starting from scratch. Mechanical keyboards were included in early synth ...

Fad Gadget: Art of work but not redundant

Interview by Chris Bohn, New Musical Express, 6 December 1980

Fad Gadget's Fireside Favourites A doleful tale of a sweet and sickly apocalypse ...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Report by Betsy Sherman, Boston Rock, 1 October 1981

Merit Badges Goes To Dianaland ...

Fad Gadget: Fadfoolery and Frank Confessions

Interview by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 23 January 1982

Paul Morley encounters Frank Tovey on the verge of failure, and Fad Gadget on the point of hysteria. So why is this a succesful combination? ...

Fad Gadget: I'm A Born Again Pagan

Interview by Betty Page, Sounds, 23 January 1982

SEEDY CITY, sleazy films... creeping up a back staircase by the stage door of Paul Raymond's Windmill Theatre... tiptoeing up more stairs past stacks of ...

Fad Gadget: It's A Fad Fad Fad World

Interview by Fred Dellar, Smash Hits, 18 February 1982

By day he's mild-mannered Frank Tovey. But at night he dons disguise and becomes the fearsome Fad Gadget. Fred Dellar talks to both. ...

Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget: Ace Cinema, Brixton

Live Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, 8 January 1983

SOME OF the many moods of Mute were on show tonight. Label mates Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget would appear to be polar opposites, but ...

Siouxsie & the Banshees, Fad Gadget: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Chris Bohn, New Musical Express, 8 October 1983


Grok! Fad Gadget at the Lyceum, London

Live Review by Biba Kopf, New Musical Express, 1984

NOW THAT Martial Law has been declared in rock by such jail guitar banner-waving bores as U2, Big Country and The Alarm, Fad Gadget’s appropriation ...

Cult Heroics: Frank Tovey

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 28 June 1986

No longer Fad Gadget, his sights firmly focused on Saturday Superstore, FRANK TOVEY tells a skeptical Simon Reynolds that he’s out to corrupt the youth ...

Various Artists: Dawn Of Electronica

Review by Stephen Dalton, Uncut, July 2000

Founding fathers of technopop come together in electro land ...

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