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Eugene Chadbourne

Eugene Chadbourne

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Chadbourne Country: A Rake 'N' Roll Hybrid

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 20 June 1985

"PEOPLE HAVE said to me, 'You could be as good on guitar as Al Di Meola if you quit screwing around,'" says Eugene Chadbourne. "Well, ...

Eugene Chadbourne: The President He Is Insane and other albums

Review by Richard Gehr, The Village Voice, April 1986

URBAN ANTHROPOLOGISTS are well aware of the phenomenon of mystico-hysteric telephone-pole manifestoes tacked up by paranoid complusive types who deem it necessary to disseminate their ...

The Lovably Low-Tech Eugene Chadbourne

Interview by Mark Dery, Guitar Player, February 1988

"There's no type of music I don't like; it's important to be able to make fun of all types." ...

The Chadbournes: The Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album; Eugene Chadbourne: I've Been Everywhere (both Fundamental)

Review by Mark Sinker, The Wire, November 1989

THERE'S PREJUDICE and there's prejudice, but answer me this — what kind of a narrow soundworld do you have to be living in for the ...


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