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Elbow: Leaders of the Free World (V2)

Review and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Uncut, October 2005

Third album from Mancunian quintet, self-produced at the city's Blueprint studio. ...

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Elbow (2003)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages audio, 30 May 2003

A somewhat wind-blown Guy Garvey and pals on the making of Cast of Thousands, prog rock, Manchester, religion and being stalked by Cameron Diaz

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Elbow: Asleep in the Back (V2)

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 4 May 2001

WHAT'S IN a name? The Bury-based indie combo Elbow found out a year or two ago when, after Universal's swallowing of their label, Island, they ...

Elbow: Asleep In The Back

Review by Ted Kessler, New Musical Express, 5 May 2001

HOORAY! MANCHESTER has delivered its first great album of the millennium. Others will doubtless follow, but few will conjure up magic as brooding as Elbow ...


Profile and Interview by Jim Irvin, MOJO, September 2001

Laid-back troupe shoot from zero to Square One in just over a decade! More power to them, says Jim Irvin. ...

Elbow: Shadows & Light

Interview by Chris Roberts, Uncut, March 2002

"TELL YOU WHAT we watched the other night," mumbles Guy Garvey into the mic, while tuning up onstage between two intensely moving songs. "The Last ...

Radiohead: Hail To The Thief (Parlophone); Elbow: Cast Of Thousands (V2)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, May 2003

AS YOU'LL KNOW by now, rock's favourite Oxonians have hauled their guitars out of the deep freeze and put the Warp(ed) electronica of Kid A ...

Given The Elbow: The Confessions Of Guy Garvey

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, August 2003

Two years ago, Elbow released Asleep In The Back, an intense suite of prog-inflected songs that stands as one of the finest albums ever to ...

Rock This Joint: Elbow: Cast of Thousands (V2) ****

Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, September 2003

Manchester five-piece follow Mercury Prize-nominated debut with more evocative, cliché-free guitar rock ...

Angels of The North: Elbow

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Uncut, October 2003

CAN THIS REALLY be Manchester? Two days have passed since thousands of Italian footie fans flooded the city for the Champs' League Final and the ...

Elbow: Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 7 October 2003

THERE WAS an air of resignation when the fire alarm went off at the Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow on Thursday night and the splendidly ...

Good golly Miss Polly: PJ Harvey/Elbow: Eden Project, Cornwall/Tate Modern, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, November 2003

West country girl's long-awaited return sees renewed quest for left-field status ...

Elbow: Koko, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, The Independent, 9 September 2005

ELBOW HAVE BEEN brushed by fame almost accidentally; first, when their debut album, 2000's Asleep at the Back, was Mercury nominated, then when the singer, ...

Elbow: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 18 April 2008

WHAT A LONG, hard slog it has been for Elbow. Eighteen years in the pop trenches and still only on their fourth album. They have ...

Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid (Fiction/Geffen)

Review by Roy Trakin, Rock's Backpages, September 2008

THIS IS THE FOURTH album from the most recent winners of the U.K.'s prestigious Mercury Music Prize and, after three releases on V2, the first ...

Q&A: Guy Garvey

Interview by John Lewis, Hotline, March 2009

John Lewis asks the Mercury-winning Elbow main-man and BBC 6Music broadcaster about winklepickers, Nat King Cole and cheese on toast. ...

Elbow: Bowery Ballroom, NYC

Live Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 5 March 2009

TODAY IS lead singer Guy Garvey's birthday, and he's in a gaming mood. "How old do you think I am?" he asks the crowd, early ...

The Q Interview: Guy Garvey

Interview by Dorian Lynskey, Q, April 2009

People's poet, shambling everyman, leader of 18-year overnight sensations Elbow — Guy Garvey is the world's most unlikely rock star. But scratch the surface and ...

U2: Wembley Stadium, London

Live Review by Chris Roberts, The Quietus, 17 August 2009

U2 Live Under A Slate Grey Claw. Chris Roberts reports from Wembley ...

Elbow: Build A Rocket Boys!

Review by Jim Irvin, The Word, March 2011

IT'S THREE AND A HALF MINUTES into Build A Rocket Boys, and Elbow are sounding like a band. And that band is Genesis, circa 1973, ...

Elbow: Build a Rocket Boys! (Fiction) ****

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 4 March 2011

IN THE THREE years since The Seldom Seen Kid hoisted the band into the first rank of arena-rock dependables, Elbow have had plenty of time ...

Elbow: International Arena, Cardiff

Live Review by Jude Rogers, The Observer, 27 March 2011

TONIGHT, CARDIFF'S premier gig-shed has turned into a family parlour. Five picture frames hang from the stage, gold and old-fashioned, each of them holding a ...

Elbow: Build a Rocket Boys!

Review by Bud Scoppa, Paste, 11 April 2011

LIKE OTHER AMERICAN LISTENERS, I came late to Elbow, paying little attention to the veteran Manchester band until picking up on the U.K. buzz surrounding ...

Guy Garvey: Elbow ambassador; Joni Mitchell torch-carrier

Interview by Kate Mossman, The Word, January 2012

ANY WOMAN interviewing guy GARVEY will inevitably drift to thoughts of what he would be like to live with. This is because every anecdote that ...

Elbow: Golden Years

Interview by Scott McLennan, Rip It Up (Australia), March 2012

ELBOW'S 2011 Glastonbury performance at sunset in front of 100,000 punters was another spine-tingling moment in the history of the legendary English festival, but beefy ...

Elbow: O2 Arena, London

Live Review by Ian Gittins, The Guardian, 3 December 2012

ELBOW HAVE BEEN describing this end-of-year arena tour as their "farewell party", and the reason for their sabbatical is a curious one. Frontman Guy Garvey ...

Elbow's Guy Garvey reveals how New York – and its cab-drivers – revitalised both him and his songwriting

Profile and Interview by Andy Gill, The Independent, 26 February 2014

WHEN GUY GARVEY split from his long-time partner Emma Unsworth, he had to get away. Far away. The genial, bear-like singer knew he needed a ...

Elbow: The Take Off and Landing of Everything

Review by Mick Middles, The Quietus, 17 March 2014

THREE YEARS BEYOND the nostalgic somnolence of Build A Rocket Boys and things have changed. Guy Garvey is now beyond an amicable split from his partner of ...

Elbow: The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

Review and Interview by Andy Gill, Uncut, April 2014

FOR THEIR SIXTH album, Elbow opted for a new working method, recording in small combinations rather than all together, with the remaining members chipping in ...

With Maturity, U.K. art-rockers Elbow finally stick the Landing

Profile and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, The Washington Post, 8 May 2014

BIG HANDS, a pub in Manchester, England, that takes its name from a Violent Femmes song, has long been a watering hole for local bands. ...

Elbow: SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Live Review by Peter Ross, The Times, 7 March 2018

Long stretches strained for effect, but at their best Guy Garvey's band make the creation of beauty appear effortless. ...

Elbow: Giants of All Sizes

Review by Nick Hasted, The Arts Desk, 10 October 2019

Brutal times put Guy Garvey at bay. ...


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