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Dwight Twilley

Dwight Twilley

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Dwight Twilley Band: 'I'm On Fire' (Shelter SR 40380)

Review by Marty Cerf, Phonograph Record, May 1975

FOR THE moment there are but two titles that have any meaning for me. One is 'Tell Her No' by Del Shannon. The other is ...

The Dwight Twilley Band

Interview by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, September 1975

ONCE IN A WHILE a single hits the radio and hooks you immediately. They come out of nowhere, seemingly – happens to me every so ...

Dwight Twilley: Sincerely

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 9 September 1976

IN AMERICA'S LESS CRISS-crossed midsection, young rockers have the opportunity to incubate their dreams – and their talents – free of pressure. The most romantic ...

Dwight Twilley: Twilley Don’t Mind

Review by Bud Scoppa, Phonograph Record, August 1977

EVERYBODY KNOWS that people who write record reviews are supposed to complain every so often about what a crummy year it’s been for music, and ...

Dwight Twilley Band: Twilley Don't Mind (Shelter)

Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 8 October 1977

ALL THE OMENS seem up there in the ascendant for Dwight Twilley. All the rock critics love him to death and even the most austere ...

Twilley Don't Grind

Profile by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 17 October 1977

AWKWARDNESS IS the new vogue. No more smoothies and impeccables to make us feel 10-thumbed; clumsiness is the cornerstone of humanity, or so say the ...

The Dwight Twilley Band

Interview by Kris Needs, ZigZag, November 1977

EVEN ACROSS thousands of miles of trans-Atlantic telephone cable and several time zones Dwight Twilley exudes excited confidence. He's sure the time has come for ...

The Dwight Twilley Band: Just Another Bunch Of Hairdressers' Dummies Out Of Hicksville, USA

Profile and Interview by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 14 January 1978


24 Hours From Tulsa: Phil Seymour Speaks... And Twilley Don't Mind

Interview by Gary Sperrazza!, New York Rocker, January 1979

"EVERYTHING WE recorded was part of a definite pop concept with planned goals. The Twilley Band was THE thing." That's Phil Seymour talking about the ...

Dwight Twilley: Salvation Through Water Sports

Interview by Toby Goldstein, Creem, August 1982

DWIGHT TWILLEY, his tall, rangy frame barely contained by the walls of EMI Records' conference room, is thinking about one of the only good things ...

Power Pop: Flamin' Groovies/ Dwight Twilley/ the Knack

Essay by Tom Hibbert, The History of Rock, 1984

IN THE MID SIXTIES, within the music of groups like the Kinks, the Byrds and the Who, musical aggression and melodic invention had co-existed. But ...

38 Special: Strength In Numbers (A&M); Dwight Twilley: Wild Dogs (A&M)

Review by Craig Zeller, Creem, October 1986

AT WORK, we play the radio constantly. A good part of the time it's tuned to the local oldies station. The other day I was ...

Dwight Twilley: XXI

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, July 1997

OH, THE injustice. Had the release of Dwight Twilley's brilliant power pop debut not been delayed by a year, it would have beaten the first ...

Dwight Twilley: Magical Mystery Man

Retrospective and Interview by Tom Cox, The Guardian, 21 April 2000

The name Dwight Twilley probably doesn't ring a bell, but to the cognoscenti he's a rock'n'roll legend blessed with pop sensibility and irresistible animal magnetism. ...

Dwight Twilley Band: Live From Agora (Gigatone)

Review by Dave Laing (Australia), Ugly Things, 2010

POWER POP ICONS the Dwight Twilley Band shared a number of attributes with Big Star apart from the obvious '70s power pop connection. Both band's ...

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