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Diamond Head

Diamond Head

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NWOBHM: Wave from the Grave

Retrospective and Interview by Howard Johnson, Kerrang!, 1 September 1990

For those off us old enough to remember, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was the start off the greatest period ever for Metal ...

NWOBHM: Never Mind The Bollocks

Retrospective by Paul Elliott, MOJO, February 2007

Threatened by punk, Led Zep, Sabbath and Purple came under fire in 1977. A year later Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon led a New ...

Buried Treasure: Diamond Head's Canterbury

Retrospective by Paul Elliott, MOJO, October 2009

This month's exhumation from the vaults of indifference: Midlands metal tryers laid low by pressing plant cack-handedness and cardboard scythes. ...


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