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Denim: The Boardwalk, Manchester

Live Review by Bob Stanley, Melody Maker, 12 January 1991



Interview by Bob Stanley, Melody Maker, 19 January 1991

"I KNOW THAT this is the right time for Denim — I've spent a year plotting. It has to happen now." ...

Denim: Jean Genius!

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 7 November 1992

Lawrence (no surname) spent the Eighties in "art underground" band, Felt. Now he's back in DENIM, with a record crammed full of Seventies pop hooks ...

Denim: Denim On Ice (Echo/All formats)

Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 17 February 1996


Jean Genius — Denim: Denim On Ice (Echo)

Review by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 24 February 1996

Lawrence, the man with a bizarre fabric fetish, is back, and he's railing against the kind of fantastically trivial stuff no one else has given ...

Denim: Ice Pops

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 16 March 1996

Imagine Pulp, doomed to make obscure concept LPs about Seventies glam rock for all eternity. That's DENIM. Funnily enough, Denim are on the road with ...

Felt? Denim? Suits you, sir

Interview by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 5 April 1996

Lawrence should be a huge star, he has such great ideas. Trouble is, he has them at the wrong time ...

Denim: 100 Club, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, The Independent, 18 February 1997

THE RELATIONSHIP of Denim's Lawrence to the music industry was sado-masochistic from the start. In the Eighties, he put out an album a year with ...

Denim: Back in a Dream/Denim on Ice

Review by Ira Robbins,, 2002

ENDING A LOW-KEY decade of Felt that produced a sizable catalogue of atmospheric pop in stylistic tribute to Tom Verlaine, Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, ...

Felt/Denim: There Can Be Only One Lawrence — Meticulous Genius, Confounded.

Profile and Interview by Mick Houghton, MOJO, February 2003

IN 1986, WHEN Felt signed to Creation Records, stories quickly circulated about the oddness of the band's leader. ...

"I Want Lou Reed To Kick Me Down The Stairs" — Lawrence Interviewed

Interview by Jude Rogers, The Quietus, 6 April 2012

Indie-pop outsider extraordinaire Lawrence — the Felt/Denim/Go-Kart-Mozart frontman who turned 51 last month — talks to Jude Rogers about sounding like Nicki Minaj and his ...

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